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Canada exports a lot of worthy things. Universal human rights, the idea of a UN peacekeeping force, poutine. But one of the country’s greatest exports, at least in our opinion, is its people.

And we’re not talking about obnoxious backpackers with Canadian flags sewn to their packs who insist that they aren’t American. We’re talking about the kind of Canadian who decides to leave the country to do work in another place. They choose to leave and live elsewhere, and with any luck, they learn a lot about other cultures. And the bring the very best back with them. Eventually.

The Expats was both a celebration and examination of the lives of Canadians living abroad. It was about viewing the world through the eyes of our fellow Canadians.

If that explanation doesn’t satisfy you, maybe give the first episode a listen. And if even that doesn’t satisfy you, we strongly suggest you get yourself down to the nearest restaurant that serves poutine.

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Adam Rozenhart has been a journalist, podcaster and communications professional for over ten years. He’s written for blogs and print publications, he’s produced video for businesses and for himself, and has worked in the digital space his entire life. You can find out more about Adam by visiting his website or checking out his YouTube channel.

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