Episode 3: A Canadian Expat Couple Down Under

July 16, 2015


Australia — a Commonwealth like Canada… in that it’s a Commonwealth Nation. This episode, I spoke with Phil Paschke and Wade Kelly about their experience since moving to Wagga Wagga NSW in Fall 2014 (Canada’s Fall — Australia’s Spring).

Image of the view from Wade’s Office by Wade Kelly.

2 comments on “Episode 3: A Canadian Expat Couple Down Under

  1. This interview was hilarious — it took me right back to my time in Australia (13 months, early ’90s). I keep nodding and laughing at everything Phil and Wade say, because I had the same reactions and experiences. I lived in every size of community/municipality in Australia, from tiny town (Yorkeys Knob, QLD–seriously) to big city (Melbourne, Sydney) and in-between (Canberra, Cairns).

    I’d assumed that my observations of Australia being 20 years behind were made obsolete by the internet bringing new information and ideas, but it still sounds much like the same country I left on Christmas Day 1992.